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Push-Ups to Pinups | Sherry

Pushups to Pinups

Even though her skin is ivory, Sherry was very green when she was in the gym, at least at first. Like many of the lovely ladies that do Push-Ups to Pinups Sherry had very little experience in the gym. But she quickly learnt the exercises and started to push herself. Once this started clicking her shape really started to change. Sherry was one of those Pinups who from week to week you could see a difference. It felt like every Monday was like seeing a totally different person. And for good reason.

On average Sherry lost 2 lbs of body fat each week, that’s a lot by almost any standard. The best part of all this fat loss was that is was paralleled by an increase in her muscle tone. Sherry’s goals were simple fit into a pair of jeans and not have them roll down. I might be a week off but I do believe her jeans started to fit right during week 6. So everything after that was just gravy. It is almost impossible to explain how much fun it is to watch a mother transform from someone who wears baggy clothes and has fallen into the role of motherhood into someone who once again see’s themselves as sexy and can look in the mirror and smile at what they see. Sherry was one of these people that you couldn’t help but look at while working out, it was just so much fun to watch her progress. By the end we could have given anatomy lessons off of her muscles as they started to poke out and see the light.

I wasn’t able to be at Sherry’s shoot but from the end product it’s pretty easy to see she killed it. It even looks like she’s having a good time. It’s always a good sign when you see an authentic smile when someone is standing around in their underwear! Great job Sherry!

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