Hard Work Generates Results

Jen was part of the “morning crew” a group of ladies who would be in here before the sun came up. Their workouts would start with very little chit-chat, by the end it was hard to hear the music over their laughs. Jen is a very hard worker in the gym, this wasn’t her first time in the gym and it was very obvious. Where most ladies require a bit of coaxing to lift a heavier weight, Jen was right in there.

Jen is a very strong person, she is one of those people who’s body shape changes with minimal weight loss. Here’s an interesting point to nibble on, in her 12-weeks she lost 7lbs, which to some might seem low, but what is amazing is that she lost over 4 inches from her waist alone. Now that is incredible. During her initial assessment with me Jen mentioned her motivation for doing Push-Ups to Pinups was to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, a very common goal in fact, by the time she was done you could see that exercise wasn’t a chore it was a challenge that might not get conquered that day but will be defeated soon. It was this IWBMATTKYT (I will bust my ass today to kick yours tomorrow) attitude that made her so much fun to work with. It wasn’t a question of how do we motivate Jen, it was more about making sure each day was a challenge for her.

When these girls are working out in the gym you get to see maybe three different outfits, which for the most part all look the same. Sometimes it’s a huge shock when you see that a Pinups wardrobe goes beyond lululemon pants and tank tops. Way to go Jen, your photo proudly hangs on our wall and you still continue to motivate all those lovely ladies in the gym.


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