Hard Work Generates Results

Who does Push-Ups to Pinups

Pushups to Pinups

When talking to people about Push-Ups to Pinups, I often hear “I could never do that, look at those women they are so confident”. It’s time to smash the perception of who does Push-Ups to Pinups.

The first and I think the coolest thing about those who do the 12-week program is that they are real people. They have day jobs, they have kids and many other responsibilities. This isn’t a program where everything else has to be put on hold, the whole goal of Push-Ups to Pinups was to create a sustainable program where the things you learn can carry throughout the rest of your life. We want people to be healthy for the rest of their lives, not just 12-weeks. Living healthy doesn’t have a finish line, it is a life-long journey that can take you to amazing places.


A lot of people who finish the program have never worked out before. This one usually surprises people, in fact Push-Ups to Pinups was designed from day one to introduce someone to exercise. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what a dumbbell is, you can do this program. Sure the first couple of weeks can be cumbersome but you can get through it. I love when someone starts the program terrified but finishes as a confident exercise enthusiast.


Our Pinups are normal, I don’t just mean they have normal jobs etc. I mean they aren’t the weirdo who brings tupperware meals when they go out with their friends. In fact you will occasionally see a pinup with a pint in their hand. We designed this program to work with your life, what’s the fun in working out hard and only showing off your hard work to those at the gym. You should be out and about having a fun time. An exercise program should fit in your life, you shouldn’t have to fit your life into it, and Push-Ups to Pinups does that.


We don’t want a group of one-trick ponies, many of the women who do Push-Ups to Pinups find themselves doing much more. Many of those who sign up are looking for a kick start into a healthy life. This transitions into other sports beautifully. Push-Ups to Pinups is not about being skinny, it’s about being a strong confident person when you leave. This approach to the program yields athletes. This new found athleticism becomes addictive and they go looking for the next challenge. We have had many participants join us in adventure races (during and after the program), or take on a triathlon. Another example of awesome people doing amazing things.


They are moms, sometimes even we forget that these amazing people have produced amazing little people. When you get to see them with their kids you truly get to marvelĀ in their accomplishments. For some Push-Ups to Pinups is the first exercise they’ve done since having kids, and juggling family and schedule is not easy, but they do it. Push-Ups to Pinups is designed to accommodate busy schedules, but you still have to put the work in. Remember, hard work generates results.

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