Hard Work Generates Results

Push-Ups to Pinups | Erin

Pushups to Pinups

Erin is the definition of “sweetheart”, she is such a soft spoken girl, who will always greet you with a smile. Hidden beneath this facade of adorable lies a hard working monster. Her actions truly spoke louder than her words, not just because her words are so quiet, but because she pushed herself extremely hard throughout her 12-weeks here.

She came in here with little experience with working out, but very quickly jumped aboard the fitness train. The hard working monster really started to come alive as she got more comfortable lifting weights, as with many women the idea of lifting heavier weights can be intimidating. When we’d put heavier weights in her hands the only way we would be able to tell she had any hesitation is that her eyes would get even larger. But besides the pupil dilation you’d never be able to tell she had reservations, she would just do it. This wide eyed enthusiasm yielded some wicked results, Erin in her short time here lost 6 inches, but more importantly dropped her body fat by 5%!

I wasn’t lucky enough to be at her shoot, and I remember leading up to it as I was getting everything ready I was worried she would be nervous and her adorable smile would be hidden behind fear and uneasiness. I was so happy when I saw her pictures, the first picture I saw was that all too familiar smile. Then I started to go through her pictures… WOW! Erin is just one of those adorable people you can’t help but like I was so happy this little darling did so well at her shoot. Great job Erin!

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