Hard Work Generates Results

You know what is awesome? When the tables get turned and a daughter motivates a mother to do something. This is the case with Alison, her daughter Taylor dragged and pulled her mom into Aspire Fitness. Originally Alison was just going to try it out and go from there. It took one workout and she signed up for Push-Ups to Pinups. I believe her words were “The was fun”.

This has been by far one of the most amazing things I’ve done. Who’d have thought I could look better at 47 than I did at 37!! Tay had to drag me (almost) kicking and screaming into the gym and now you’d have to drag me out kicking and screaming.Alison – 2014

It looks like all Alison needed to do is get over her fear of us, I’m sure looking back she can’t imagine why she was so scared. Alison very quickly started to get noticed by the “morning crew”, a group of people who are here many hours before the sun even comes up. Alison is not scared to push herself, looking for a heavier weight seemed seemed to be second nature for her. As Alison started trucking along, tragedy struck. She broke her leg. For many people that would spell the end of the program. For Alison this was just another obstacle to overcome. If people didn’t know who she was before they couldn’t miss the one with the cast on. We would modify workouts for her so she could still get the most out of it. She was determined to get the program done.

A couple of weeks before her shoot the cast came off, now it was go time. Alison rose up to the challenge. She came in as a shy nervous lady she left as a confident “badass”. For those who are scared of starting up, Alison is terrific proof that anyone can do it, overcome obstacles and still finish with amazing results. Way to go Alison!

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