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Push-Ups to Pinups | Neva

Pushups to Pinups
Apparently Push-Ups to Pinups was on Neva’s radar for sometime. Her husband was the one who actually contacted me, so we made an appointment for her to come down. During our first meeting we were chatting about how to fit it in her busy schedule as a mom. I started referencing former pinups who had managed that juggling act. As it turns out Neva had been through all of our past pinups and seemed to know all of their stories. Hence how I knew she had been thinking about it for a while.

This next statement needs a bit of clarification, in gym terms calling someone a “beast” is a compliment. So when I say Neva is a beast in the gym, it is a compliment. She also has this way of quietly acknowledging her workout. We could sit there and tell her she was going to do 250 push-ups she would give us a little nod and an eager “ok”. We could also tell her she was going to leg press 500lbs and she would give us a little nod and an eager “ok”. It started to become a running joke, who could give something to Neva that she wouldn’t just do. This beastly attitude towards her workouts resulted in an amazing 31lbs of fat loss! In just 12 short weeks, that’s amazing!

[the staff] are all amazing and made me realize how much I enjoyed lifting. Thanks for such and amazing experience!Neva – 2015

I wasn’t able to make Neva’s shoot, but I can tell you that I was checking to see if her pictures had come in yet. I felt like an eager kid waiting to open Christmas presents. Neva was a gym favourite, so I also knew we had a gym full of Neva fans waiting. Neva’s pictures are amazing, and I wouldn’t accept anything but amazing from her. She is what Push-Ups to Pinups is all about, awesome people doing amazing things!


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