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Push-Ups to Pinups | Sarah

Pushups to Pinups
There is a lot that can be said about the lovely Sarah, for the sake of keeping it under 300 words I will focus on the key points that stand out. Push-Ups to Pinups wasn’t my first experience meeting Sarah, I had met her years back. Knowing that she was a hard worker I was excited to see her name on the signup for P2P. Starting at a new gym can be an intimidating experience and Sarah was nervous, but after a few minutes she quickly settled in and put her nerves aside. And even started chiming in on some of the bad jokes that fly around here all day long.

Sarah’s hard work started to pay off very quickly. She wasn’t afraid to lift heavy and often did, it wasn’t uncommon for us to grab a weight we thought was appropriate and Sarah would correct us and add more. Sarah always came into workouts and killed it. Her hard work came to light in the form of fat loss, by the end of the program she has dropped 15lbs of fat, lost 7 and a half inches and increased her lean body mass.

Her photo shoot was awesome, she really made it her own. When you see someone bring a guitar case to a shoot you know you’re going to get some unique shots. It’s a funny thing, during the program you learn a lot about people, but throughout her 12-weeks I never knew she played the guitar. And as it turns out she sings as well. I could sit here and tell you how awesome Sarah did but we have photos that prove it, and her proud ear to ear smile is much deserved. Well done Sarah your Aspire peeps are very proud of you!


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