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Push-Ups to Pinups | Betty

Pushups to Pinups

It will be forever etched into my mind, but when I think of Betty I will always think of the look. Betty has the mom look down to a science. Even though I am immune to but one mom look it would still send shivers down my spine. When Betty wasn’t trying to get me to clean my room she also loved jamming out to 90’s Pop. When you first meet Betty you might think of her as a quiet young lady, it turns out her mood is directly related to the genre of music playing. Top 40 yields a stern yet focused Betty, Rock turns out an irritated Betty who isn’t afraid to ask “what we’re listening to”, but when 90’s Pop comes on; it’s an ear to ear grin, even some singing under her breath.

My first meeting with Betty wasn’t in the gym but on the side of Garbage Hill (you know you live in the prairies when the highest point is an old landfill) there she was running up and down the hill giving me the look. Hill workouts are tough on their own but throw in a lack of Backstreet Boys and it’s almost unbearable. Betty came a long way from the quiet garbage hill runner I had met years ago. Her 12-weeks with Push-Ups to Pinups was her first time in our gym, and she breezed through it. Over her 84 days she lost over 8% body fat, down almost 4 inches in her waist and hips each.

Now her photo shoot… I have to say I was a little offended, I had never once seen her smile as much as she did at the shoot. Her time in the gym was the look, her photo shoot was this beautiful smile. It almost doesn’t seem fair. All jokes aside Betty was an absolute pleasure to work with, she brought a certain spice (girls) to the gym. Well done Betty, your wall picture is an incredible addition to all the P2P grads.


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