Hard Work Generates Results

  • iPad 2 (768x1024)

  • Samsung Galaxy (1080x1920) v.2

  • Samsung Galaxy (1080x1920)

  • iPhone 5 (640x1136) v.2

  • iPhone 5 (640x1136)

  • iPad 3 (1536x2048) v.2

  • iPad 3 (1536x2048)


Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish I could bring a little bit of Aspire with me”. Well now you can, replace your boring phone wallpaper with these. Add a little punch to your phone and feel the motivation coursing through your veins.

Instructions: Click the picture thats resolution matches your device, right click the image and Save The Image. Now you can set the image as your wallpaper as you would with any other picture. Every device is unique so your process might be different.