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This week has been an interesting one for me, riddled with a lot of office time trying to catch up on projects coming to an end, and nostalgic feelings brought on by us celebrating our 10th year in business.  On Monday when I was explaining Push-Ups to Pinups to a curious young lady she made the comment that “She didn’t want to sacrifice strength for a photo shoot”. That stuck with me. I bit my tongue at the time, but now it is time to let my words flow freely. From my experience our Pinups are strong and very fit and I mean fit.

This morning as our first batch of clients, someone had themselves a new shirt… in big bold letters it read “STRONG is the new skinny”. It was this shirt that sparked the post I’m writing. It was the catalyst for me to speak my mind about this whole skinny thing. Some of you may remember Kate Moss once saying “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, from my observations I would say there has been a very big shift in that paradigm “Nothing feels as good as strong feels”.

Throughout the day I was brainstorming what to write about, at first I was thinking I would take the approach of very polite and weighing both sides of the issue while formulating a well thought out opinion. This was squashed as I watched Nicole (P2P – April 2014) putting 1/3 of her weight over her head for a shoulder press. Then I started to look at some of our top speeds on the Curve and noticed that Sherrie (P2P – April 2014) posted her fastest time on the Curve a few days before her shoot. My thoughts then led me to think of Kristen (P2P – May 2014) who during her Push-Ups to Pinups training came to Phoenix with us to do a Spartan Race. Going back to last year’s P2P group there are lots of examples of strength, a few that stick out are Joanne (P2P – June 2013) who is a culprit of hording all the heavy weights. Or Sherri (P2P – April 2013) who came in as a runner and left as a power house. I have watched her flip a tractor tire 50 times with a giant ear to ear grin the whole time.

I have referenced Push-Ups to Pinups a few times here, but in all honesty that is just a small piece of what we do. One goal I hear all the time is “I want to be ready for anything” and that’s how we operate, it’s not about being a one dimensional athlete it’s about being a well-rounded athlete. There’s no denying it, I am bragging right now about the awesome people who have stepped foot in our facility, but in all honestly they deserve it. If you’ve never felt what strong feels like, I suggest you try it. It’s hard to put words to the feeling you get when you do your first push-up or your first pull-up, maybe your first time running on a treadmill for more than a minute, maybe your first marathon. The point here is that exercise is a dynamic awesome feeling, it’s something you can rejoice in for a moment but then keep working hard or the next moment. It is truly a better feeling than not eating just so you can see your ribcage. Sorry Ms. Moss but you are wrong, skinny is not the end goal. Strong is the new skinny, but more importantly in my opinion STRONG IS SEXY!