Hard Work Generates Results

  • McKenzie being herself

  • Creeping out a young lady

  • T being weird... agian

  • Holly and Moi at Tough Mudder

  • Jen finishing her first TM

  • Fiona on location

  • Channeling my inner Hello Kitty

  • What a smiley lady

  • Ellie moving a car the only way she knows how

  • B. Diddy getting shocked at TM

  • Noelle loving cold water

  • One of our race teams

  • The Spartan Race team

  • More Spartan Pics

  • I miss that beard

  • Victory!

  • Pose off?

  • Come on now really?

  • D stopping for a smile


Reflecting on the past decade

Food for thought

This morning as I was brushing my teeth I couldn’t help but reflect on the past ten years of my life. For the few of you who know, today (Jan 7th) marks our 10th year in business. For me a lot has changed over the last decade, first and foremost I now brush my teeth in the shower, saves me about 2 minutes a day #lifehack. Today will be filled with a medley of feelings, ranging from pride to humble to greatful. I don’t want to riddle you with the history of Aspire, you can read that in last years post. This post will be more a rambling of the thoughts going through my head today. And hold on it will be a wild ride, for those who haven’t figured it out, I have ADD and…. ooo look a squirrel.

It is hard not to feel humbled when thinking back to the people who have come through these doors. There are the clients who are one month type of clients and there are the lifers. Regardless of how long someone has been here, they have all contributed to the route Aspire has taken. Weather they know it or not but everyone here adds their own little spice to our Jambalaya of people and personalities. The saying “it takes all types” could not be more true than in the dynamic you see when you walk in the gym. There’s the quiet ones who just put their head down and work hard, quietly motivating others to shut up and lift.There are the ones who won’t shut up, they add that little comedic zing to the jambalaya. There are the ones who doubt themselves at first but find that they in fact are amazing and can do anything they set their mind to. There are those who used to doubt themselves but now push others past their hesitation and closer to their goals.

When I first started in this industry I remember thinking that to have a great gym you have to have the best equipment, the best space, etc. What I’ve learned over the past ten years, is that a great gym might have state-of-the-art equipment, but what makes a gym awesome is the people in it. It is fun to sit back and watch the dynamic in here sometimes, you can normally hear bad jokes being thrown around, sarcastic remarks but one thing that is always constant is that when someone is struggling other clients chirp up and help them get through it. I will admit I have forgotten more days than I remember working, and I couldn’t tell you what happened last week in here. What I always remember is the energy that fills this space, I can think of an instance a couple of weeks ago, where a dozen people were belting out at the top of their lungs “Sweet Caroline”. I can remember a day when a certain Hello Kitty fan wore a tank top for the first time in the gym and everyone cheered her on. I can remember countless people who came in for their first workout white as a ghost, filled with terror and left smiling.

I consider myself lucky that in the past 10 years (or 3652 days) I can only remember 3 bad days. The other 3649 days are filled with laughs and great people. I know I am fortunate to have the job I have, it’s not everyone that can say their job yields 99.992% good days. When I first started Aspire I never dreamed it would be what it is today. I knew I wanted to have a fun career where I got to be a part of people’s lives. What I didn’t expect was the amount of fantastic people I would meet and how many friends would come from it. I have met people in my time here that if they were gone from my life would leave a void impossible to fill.

We are starting to get into some serious feelings here, better think about wrapping it up. I would like to end with two little points, the first if you’re available on January 17th it would be fantastic to see you at our party we’re having to celebrate all the awesome people who have been part of Aspire. The second point, I want to say from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life, and hopefully when you look back you will see Aspire as a bright spot in your life, I know it has been for me!