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Push-Ups to Pinups | Shannon

Pushups to Pinups

I can’t think of someone who is as much of an early morning staple as Shannon, it seemed like clockwork she would roll in at 6am, after a few minutes of the early morning fog, would come to life, filling the gym with her loud laugh and usually causing others to chuckle along. Shannon has been with us for a long time and has seen incredible gains in both cardiovascular and strength aspects. I knew she was thinking of Push-ups to Pinups when about once a workout she would ask me details of the program. After a few bouts of this she finally pulled the trigger and signed up!

Her 12-weeks was exactly what we expected, she worked hard and occasionally laughed. Having worked with Shannon for a few years prior we were very confident that should would power through the program, and she did. I can’t think of any workouts where she gave up, she would just see what she had to do and do it. I would say the biggest change all of us here saw in Shannon would be her shoulders… it seemed like every week there was more muscles and shape to them.

Her shoulders were well represented during her shoot, with some great shots with weights. But I have to say my favourite photos were the letterman jacket shots, a throwback to her high school days! Working with Shannon is always a great deal of fun, I know her two girls would argue but she is actually a really cool lady. Great job Shan, all very proud of you!


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