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Push-Ups to Pinups | Sami

Pushups to Pinups
For those who wonder if they can juggle a busy schedule and Push-Ups to Pinups need look no further than Sami. Sami took on a lot, she has a very busy school schedule including many hours of practical work added to the mix. Between studying and going to class she found the time to do this. And she did awesome with it!

Now this is a girl we can confidentially say made some awesome strength gains. I don’t want to imply that she wasn’t strong coming in to this but let’s just say she made leaps and bounds in the strength department. I even heard rumors that she was beating some guys at school during impromptu push-up contests. These new found muscles really started to show when the body fat started dropping. Thankfully one thing that never changed was that trademark smile of hers, even during the toughest of workouts it would sneak out.

It doesn’t show in the pictures but I would say Sami was a bit nervous leading up to the photoshoot, which is perfectly normal. But something clicked once we started going and it didn’t seem like nerves but more just enjoyment. She did absolutely amazing. I will admit that what I remember more than her shoot is after, because of her busy schedule she had to get right to school after the shoot. We didn’t have a conventional meal after. Instead on our way to the University we stopped at Wendy’s, and I learned something about Wendy’s, they can accommodate gluten intolerances. As I watched her eat a bunless burger, I couldn’t help but reminisce about her time with us. She brought a lot to the gym, but by far the best thing was her friendly attitude. It’s hard to think of somebody who is more friendly than Sami. Congrats on a job well done, everyone here is very proud of you!

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