Hard Work Generates Results

This one will be a lot of fun to write. I can say with 100% certainty that Kim hated me when she first met me. I’m sure I came off as an arrogant guy who asked the wrong questions. At her first workout I flat out told her that my goal for her was to like me. She gave me a little nod. Kim was skeptical about us at first, having been to other gyms she knew what she expected and would accept nothing less.Kim reluctantly started the program, not sure if we could produce what she was expecting and more importantly concerned she wouldn’t reach her goals in 12-weeks. Kim is a very quiet person, often keeping to herself and only asking a few questions. She did occasionally come in here wearing a crossfit shirt which I would usually tape over, I don’t think she liked that. The most memorable thing about Kim will always be, her hand gestures, it got her the nickname of Yosemite Sam as her go to gesture of acknowledgment was two pointing guns up to the ceiling. I remember doing tests on her during the program and me telling her that she would in fact have abs during the shoot, her response “If you say so”. Guess who guessed right?

A day before her shoot I asked her “So… do you like me yet?” I got a reluctant “yes”, whatever I will take it! For me the program was a success, for Kim we still had some work to do… the photo shoot. You would be hard pressed to find a picture of her that isn’t stunning. She busted her butt for 12-weeks, dropped 23 lbs of fat and came out with a rocking photo shoot she should be very proud of, because all of us here sure are!

ka-141029-016 (283x1024)

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