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Push-Ups to Pinups | Fiona

Pushups to Pinups

To be restricted to talk about Fiona in fewer than 350 words, is like asking someone to describe a sunrise while only using adjectives that start with the letter “X”. If you don’t know who Fiona is and you’ve been in the gym for a couple of days, she is the lady with the huge smile who is usually talking about current events or some pop culture reference between sets. If that doesn’t ring a bell, she is also the one who will yell “Beast Mode” at random times during her workout. Fiona is one of those people who you would have to go out of your way to dislike. Along with her larger than life personality she sports an ear to ear smile all the time.

Getting to work with Fiona and her huge smile for 12-weeks was… AMAZING! The first couple of weeks were a little bumpy but once Fiona got past the first little block she was hooked and nothing could stop her from switching Beast Mode on and going hard. Not even a car that wouldn’t start could stop her, there were a few times when she couldn’t make it because of car troubles, she would text us and say she wasn’t coming in. Soon after we would get a text telling us she just did a workout in her basement.

I am down about 12 pounds now and my clothes feel so much better. You know that feeling at the end of the day when you can’t wait to get your pants off because they have dug into your tummy for 8 hours? Ya, I don’t have that any more! Hallelujah! Secondly, I have become a full on “gym rat”! I freaking love it! I count down the hours until I can get to the gym and on the days that I can’t make it, I am not beating myself up over it!Fiona – 2014, from her blog FUNFITNESSFOODFASHIONFIONA

I am always excited for someone’s shoot day, but I was just a little bit more excited for Fiona. For weeks leading up to the day she was telling me all these plans she had for her shoot, or that some of her props arrived. Joined by her two furry companions she came in full of the gusto we’ve come to expect from Fiona. It is rare that someone has to fake not smiling, but Fiona was one of those people. All the photos you see her not flashing the pearly whites is more staged than any other photo. She truly doesn’t stop smiling. Fiona’s picture will soon be hanging from our wall of fame, she works incredibly hard and is always eager to encourage others or to lend a helping hand for someone who might be stumbling. She is truly what Aspire Fitness is all about! Great job Fiona!


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