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Push-Ups to Pinups | Chauncey

Pushups to Pinups

Sometimes its hard to believe that some of the amazing women that do Push-Ups to Pinups have families, Chauncey was one of these people only occasionally changing appointments, she somehow managed to make the majority of her workouts with minimal complaining. Well that may be an exaggeration. Chauncey complains with her facial expressions. Most workouts were filled with that look of “are you kidding me?”.

During the start of her 12-weeks the looks of aggravation were almost a constant. She quickly started to get stronger and the looks became fewer and fewer. She would always roll her eyes at our bad jokes, but that’s par for the course here. Chauncey came here wanting to “feel fit” as she put it, I secretly think that a major goal was to look smoking hot in a pair of jeans… dare I say we have photo evidence to confirm this. Another thing, which is more our issue than hers, is it tooks us about 6-weeks to figure out how to pronounce her name (pronounced ผู้หญิงสวย).

We always love when Pinups bring their family, its the other side to the equation. Chauncey had a heaps of support from her whole family unit. She is also lucky enough to have some of cutest kids around. We, as well as her family, are immensely proud of Chauncey, she was a great deal of fun to work with and always offered a laugh in some way shape or form. Glad we have the opportunity to work with her! Great job, way to kill it in jeans!


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