Hard Work Generates Results

A new one for us, but it has been very well received. Our Cycle and Stretch Class on Sundays, will take you through a grueling ride (follow along on our three big screen TVs) and after you’ve sweat all over your bike we take to the floor for some well deserved Yoga. This is an advanced class and isn’t for the faint of heart, before attempting this you should be comfortable with your heart rate in it’s upper zone. You are more than welcome to come by after for just the yoga session, but you will for sure feel like you’ve missed out being surrounded by a gaggle of sweaty cyclists.

$15 for both or $10 each

Package Price…

January 11th – March 29th only $150, includes Yoga!

What to Bring

  • Your bike – we only have three spinners available, if you’d like one please contact us ASAP to reserve one for the class
  • A Cycle-Trainer
  • A good attitude
  • Change of clothes if you don’t like doing yoga drenched in sweat

Workout Outline

Date Time Start Time
04-Jan-15 61m
11-Jan-15 78m 845
18-Jan-15 75m 845
25-Jan-15 85m 830
01-Feb-15 85m 830
08-Feb-15 100m 830
15-Feb-15 84m 830
22-Feb-15 90m 830
01-Mar-15 83m 830
08-Mar-15 95m 830
15-Mar-15 96m 830
22-Mar-15 104m 815
29-Mar-15 120m 800

Upcoming Classes