Hard Work Generates Results

Now if you ever need an example of always positive Susie is your gal. I can’t think of a moment in her time here since Push-Ups to Pinups and beyond that she has not come in smiling. Either she is amazing at phoning it in, or she actually likes us that much. For the sake of modesty I will assume it’s a split between the two. Those who know Susie know that she is a social media genius so to be tribute to her skills I will riddle this write up with hashtags. #firsttimeforeverything. While stumbling through all her posts she came across a previous P2P success story, #itworks. And she decided she was going to be one of those stories.

Susie came into the gym very fresh #gymnoob but was very eager to learn and see what she could do. Turns out she can do a lot #surpriseyourself. It wasn’t long till she was reaching for bigger weights and #killingit in the gym. A recurring theme we see with our Pinups is an increase in strength and with that an increase in confidence, all though hard to see because she was always smiling #pearlywhites you could start to see her stand a bit taller and look at a workout as a challenge not as an obstacle #cantstopwontstop.

Before Aspire Fitness I was not at all comfortable being in a gym. I was scared. Aspire Fitness and their team changed that. I joined their Push-ups To Pinups program as a birthday gift to myself and I haven’t looked back. They’ve helped me set goals, feel confident while working on my fitness level, and they are the true professionals. I will gladly recommend them to anyone looking to get in shape and feel stronger and sexier! Susie – 2014

Photo shoot day, is always a shock for me, after 12-weeks working with people who leave sweaty and rarely have make-up on, sometimes you don’t recognize people. Susie was however easy to spot, she was the one with the huge smile. We had the privilege to see Susie with her family during the shoot, what a treat! It’s easy to forget that people have commitments outside of work and working out, but when you get to see someone also be a mother and such a great loving mother it’s truly moving. It was obvious she had such a great support group during this process and Susie reciprocated this with so much love. Well done Susie, you did awesome and I know you will continue doing awesome! #strongmom

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