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A fun treat in my email this morning

Food for thought

This morning I was greeted with an email from a long time client. Attached was a three page letter, in it she talks about her hesitation in starting with us, her experience with us since and all the hurdles she has encountered. It’s a good read, she asked that I keep it anonymous, so now names sorry.

Between you me, and the fencepost.

Thank you Jay (or is it Jason?):

It’s been over a year now since I decided to finally check out Aspire Fitness and I’ve debated about writing for a while but couldn’t make my mind up until my latest “episode”.

With the recent dental work I’ve had done which always causes jaw and eating problems, I went through a phase of low energy, everything hurting and just plain feeling sorry for myself. I was cursed.
However, this time for lack of a better way of saying it, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel – and it wasn’t an oncoming train. A moose wearing a headlamp, maybe. I didn’t quit because your staff wouldn’t let me.

So, how did I get to want to be an Aspire Fitness client?

I came close to checking you out when you were on Roblin and had just started out. I was looking for someone to setup a program for me and a friend had mentioned I should give you a try. However, I thought you were too young and too new to be any good. I had also just tried a personal trainer who gave me the deer in the headlights look when I asked about creating a custom program for me instead of working off a template.
I could have saved myself a ton of grief (possibly) if I had taken the plunge back then and refrained from judging you without meeting you.

And… the reason I was looking for help.

It was during this time I had made the discovery the same old thing wasn’t working for me anymore. I had always found working out to be easy and I was more worried about gaining muscle than losing fat, even with the old and new injuries.

Then a little thing called the aging process kicked in. I can tell you – getting older SUCKS

Suddenly, my muscle tone was disappearing, I was gaining a tummy (OMG!), so I increased my cardio (roller blading, aerobics) which took over most of the weight training I was doing as of course that was the problem. NOT! I was putting out 1000 to 1200 calories a day, taking in 1500 – 1800. 10 lbs (that was a lot for me) and 2 years later, plus burned out from exercising, doctors finally believed me and found I had a hypothyroid. oh Joy – All I could envision was me weighing 800 lbs and I thought the world was going to end.

It didn’t. Got everything back under control with meds and I started to get back into things. I was able to run the dogs in the morning, go to the gym during lunch, and was even able to take karate in the evenings. I still had tons of energy and life was grand until my the old injuries started to hurt – a lot. Then life got busy. Really busy in a bad way – lost my job, got a job and then was busy with family health – Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I was splitting time between my new job and her. add 10 more lbs. – no big deal I’ll work it off later.
– picked up indoor soccer – for 40+ women – tore my calf – great, started working out in the pool.
– calf healed, threw out my back on the driving range – great.

Then, I started getting tired. I attributed it to not being really active and it got so bad, I wouldn’t even cross the street for coffee because I didn’t have the energy. About this time I got called into the doctor’s office and he read me the riot act. How could I not know my Iron was so low and why didn’t I tell him I was so tired. On a scale of 1-150 (he wanted me at least 110) I was a 6 and falling.

My stomach (the icky digestive part) hurt – all the time and sometimes so much it was debilitating. I had to change how I ate, and learn what hurts, what doesn’t and to eat more meat as well as taking iron. Lots and lots of iron, which meant also taking fibre. again, oh Joy!

It took about a year to feel somewhat normal again and I was able to play a little floor hockey, start swimming again a bit, but felt just plain old.

Bordering on desperate, I decided a needed to try a boot camp, which I had always considered gimmicky and a fad, to hopefully kick me in the butt. I started off well then one morning promptly fell down the basement stairs and tore my right ankle up. great… just great – almost but not quite ready to throw in the towel.

Finally, all healed up I played spring hockey because I was feeling not bad and figured since I enjoyed hockey and it wasn’t competitive I could cope with all the naggy old injury stuff. Well, I can only play one way – hard and all out. Results were another concussion and a really really sore neck after challenging someone bigger and younger for the puck. I decided I needed to read the writing on the wall and accept the fact I was done. Old. Finished. – aged 47 going on 48 I felt like I was at least 70.

Then, someone at work was talking about a race called the dirty donkey – and I thought that would have been cool if I was younger. Curious I googled it, and eventually followed the links to Aspire Fitness. I had looked up Aspire Fitness back when I looked around for boot camps, but figured it looked too “cliquey” and the website was just too plain for my tastes – talk about bad judgement.

This time I did some research (googled the net), checked out the credentials of the staff and owner, picked up the phone, and emailed you. I was desperate and needed to do something, the white towel was in my hands ready to be thrown in. You were going to be my last try.

That first meeting I admit I was a tad intimidated by all the pictures on the wall and thought “really?” There is a lot of skin shall we say in some of those pictures and I was starting to second guess myself but kept an open mind having learned from bad judgement. It goes without saying the first meeting went not too badly and I became a client. After years of searching I had finally found someone that could do custom plans, and not from a template. You were able to work with, not around the old and not quite so old injuries I had ignored for years.

My thanks to you and your staff.

You have proven knowledgeable and able to provide me a service I didn’t think existed. I have been pushed and sometimes coerced into working areas that I had avoided over the years because I didn’t like it. Following (more, sometimes less) a paleo-ish diet has also meant more control of the tummy issues. I have learned having things in control on the digestive side is very much a work in process and also grudgingly accepted I’ll never be the younger me, but maybe that is for the best.

So, thank you for taking me on as a client, putting up with my neediness, bitchiness, complaining, and ignoring my need to always be in control.

Instead of sitting on the couch or in front of the computer feeling sorry for myself and being miserable sitting in a rocking chair, I’ve decided I’m not quite done yet and am planning to move forward with SAR as well doing a couple more adventure races.

So, thanks for a pretty good and productive 2014 and see you in the New Year!