Hard Work Generates Results

There are type-A personalities and then there is Jen. She brings a whole new level to the term hard working it doesn’t matter if we asked her to run as fast as she could or to do 225 push-ups she just did it. Every once in a while with a little statement of doubt, but always did it.Jen came to us looking to increase her lean body mass, she already had a low body fat, we just needed to bring her muscle mass up. Now we don’t really have a way of measuring her other goal of being more confident, but looking at her pictures I’d be troubled to say this wasn’t a confident person, a good rule of thumb is that if you’re standing in your underwear in front of a camera you must be confident about something.Through Jen’s hard work she hit her goals, we were able to make her muscles “pop” and get some awesome shots.

Something you wouldn’t expect from someone who is so lean is that she is an awesome baker. And she treated us to some of those delicious treats. Jen’s baking was great but wasn’t the most memorable thing about her shoot. Never before had someone brought a “script” of what she wanted to shoot. When she got there she found the biggest table and rolled out her master plan. It made our life super easy, just follow the script.

Jen you did awesome during your time here with us, very proud of you! Keep tackling everything you do with that all-or-none attitude!

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