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Push-Ups to Pinups | Heather

Pushups to Pinups

Now when I think of Heather I think of one thing, her red dress. Now to fully explain why the red dress comes into play I have to let you peek behind the curtain so to speak. A couple of days before her shoot she wasn’t sure if the red dress would fit or look weird and bulgy in some spots. If any of you have been in a photo shoot you know that a lot happens that the camera can’t see. Not only was the dress not bulgy it was too loose, so what you don’t see there is binder clips holding in the slack.

Heather was a very tough read the whole program, for the longest time I just assumed she thought we were a bunch of schmucks who were just making it up as we went along. She would always give me these looks of derision, I’m glad I was able to prove her wrong. I’m sure now it wasn’t her disbelief in us, but more disbelief in how hard she was working and how much she could actually do. Sometimes it’s the ability to shock yourself that is truly amazing.

Heather very quickly became one of our favorites, she would normally come in put her head down and work, engage in minimal chit-chat and just work hard. It wasn’t this that made us like her it was the challenge we had set for ourselves to get Heather smiling and loving exercise. I would say mission accomplished, the large smile at her shoot would confirm the first part. And since she has finished with us she has got back to kickboxing and enjoying her fitness filled life. We just hope we can get a chance to have her back here again. Well done Heather, you rock!


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