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Movement Monday|Double Sided Jackknife

Movement Monday

Sometimes it’s tough to come up with some unique core exercises, and if you’re new to working out you might think there are only a few options, like a crunch and a few variations of that. The truth is that when it comes to core work the only limitation is your imagination. To help get your imagination rolling we’ve come up with some options when it comes to training your core through the frontal plane (left to right movements). The double sided jackknife is an easy one to start with, it’s not the easiest exercise but offers enough challenge that you’re not going to master it on your first try.

Start while laying on your hip, your bottom arm comes up around your waist and your top hand at your head. Now the hand on your head is there for show, DON’T PULL ON YOUR HEAD. From this non-head pulling position and your legs straight you want to raise your legs as well as your torso off the ground. At the end you should be on your hip. This will be challenging at first to keep your balance if you need to extend your bottom arm to keep your balance not a big deal. Once as high as you can go return to the starting position and repeat, be sure to do both sides.

Side Crunch

Photo 2014-10-27, 6 43 11 PM (2)

From a movement standpoint this exercise is easier than a double sided jackknife but because it requires a fair bit of weight it’s not the safest to start with. Be sure you can comfortably do 25 double sided jackknifes per side before attempting this. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and one dumbbell at your side (start with around 10% of your body weight). You can put your hand at your head (think “I’m a little teapot”) now allow the dumbbell to pull you down towards one side, go as far as you can before a foot comes off the ground. Bend the other way past the starting position being mindful not to let a foot come off the ground. Repeat for both sides.

Side Plank with hip dip

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Laying on your hip rest on your elbow (or hand) while keeping your legs straight (or bent to make it easier) raise your hips off the ground. Be sure not to “twist” your body while doing this, you should always be pointed straight ahead. Repeat for both sides.

Swiss oblique crunch

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Probably not the best exercise to attempt for the first time if you’re trying to impress someone for the first time. Take a smaller swiss ball to a wall, rest your weight on your hip, place your feet against a wall to prevent you from moving around too much. Once you’re in a stable position you can let your body slump over the ball, this is our starting position, from here raise your body up with our twisting and return back to the start.