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What’s new for 2015’s Push-Ups to Pinups

Pushups to Pinups

We are now just entering our third year of Push-Ups to Pinups. It is mind boggling that in just two full years we’ve had over 150 women successfully complete the program. We are always striving to be the best we can be and that sometimes means taking a humbling look at our weaknesses. So it is with this mindset we have made some changes to the Push-Ups to Pinups program for 2015, some big and some small but all geared towards making the best product we can for the best clients in the world.

What’s new in 2015

  • We are adding Yoga; now included with the program is a series of Yoga routines to help keep you fit and limber for the duration of the program.
  • Motivational Emails; this might not seem like a big deal but now when you start the program you will receive emails at key parts of the program to help you get over the challenging parts and to help you stay the course.
  • Saturday Shoots; we are now able to offer photo shoots on weekends!
  • The most sessions to date; we have 13 sessions for 2015. This is the most to date, but we are limiting groups to only 10 models each.

We are announcing the 2015 schedule later this week so stay tuned! And a special promo for those who want to sign up early for January’s sessions!