Hard Work Generates Results

Jenn is your typical model for Push-Ups to Pinups, she’s sweet, hard working and shy in front of a camera. Jenn is a very soft spoken chick, always smiling in fact I think the only time she wasn’t smiling was when we would talk about her photo shoot, and that look of fear would come across her face. The truth is many of the girls who do Push-Ups to Pinups have never had a photo shoot before, unless you count those high school yearbook pictures.

Jenn was a very driven person, her struggles came from balancing her busy schedule. Jenn quickly figured out how to manage her work commitments as well as her training program. Jenn was a small person to start with so we wanted to focus on increasing her lean body mass. I remember about 8 weeks into her program, pulling up to work as she was leaving and I will admit I may have admired her bum longer than I should have, but her bottom looked amazing in her jeans. Usually a good sign when you’re trying to add lean body mass! During the 12-weeks you could see Jenn’s body go from skinny to lean and fit. It was a lot of fun to watch!

I have said it before but it’s a lot of fun to pick-up the girls from Puressence with their hair all done up and make-up done just enough to accent features. Jenn was one of those people who beautiful without make up, so it was just a little blush here and there (I don’t know make-up). Needless to say Jenn looked awesome and I was getting excited for her shoot, between her and I, I think I was the only one who was excited. I had a hunch all we needed to do was to get Jenn over the initial hump of fear and she would do great… I was right. Once we started shooting she quickly realized that we’re just here to have fun. And fun we had!

Congrats on all the hard work Jenn, you look awesome… and you even had abs!


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