Hard Work Generates Results

A lunge is one of the great leg exercises, it recruits many different muscles in the legs and has many variations. But we must walk before we can run, so lets start with the basic lunge. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, take a big step forward, from this out stretched position lower your hips to the ground, keep your weight balanced between you back toes, and your front foot. At the bottom range of the motion you will have 90 degrees of flexion at the front hip and both knees. Push yourself back up with the front leg to the starting position and repeat for the other side.


Front/Back Lunge

This variation is similar to the first one but we’re going to add in a bigger range of motion, instead of returning back to the start position you’ll step backwards and end with the same 90 degrees you had with the first lunge we had done.

Around the world

Let’s keep working the range of motion, with the Around the world lunge you’ll always start each part with your feet at shoulder width. You’ll lunge forward, back to start and then lunge backwards, then back to start. This is where it gets tricky, you’ll step to the side with one leg. If you stepped to the right you’ll have 90 degrees at the right knee and your left leg stays straight. Be sure to keep your weight behind your toes, you can control this by keeping your hips as far back as you can.


Fancy Lunge

It doesn’t get much fancier than this, start with your feet shoulder width apart. We will start with your left leg, swing it behind your right leg and lower your knee down so that the outside of your left knee ends up to the outside of your right ankle. Lower your hips from this position, and return to the starting position.You will have to play around with the positioning of your feet to get this one to feel right, but once you do you will find muscles you forgot you had.


Floor Striders

This one is great, it is a fantastic exercise and very simple. Start in a lunge position, from this knees bent position jump up and change your legs so that the other leg is in front. Repeat this, you should strive to get as much height as possible.