Hard Work Generates Results

This is going to be a weird one for me to write because in my mind’s eye Tierannai is still 8 years old and will never age. So a few months back we were at the restaurant Tierannai works at (unbenounced to me she worked there) after a shoot. And then this lovely young lady came up to the table and said “Hey Penner” I guess she noticed my confused face and re-introduced herself. I was shocked, I knew her as a dorky 8 year old girl who was so smiley, not this pretty tall women. When I figured out that she did in fact age and had turned into an adult. We started chatting and catching up. She said she was going to do the Push-Ups to Pinups program, now because I still saw her as a child I needed to get her dad’s permission.

Tierannai has a very unique personality it’s like innocence with a touch of sass. She can take a joke and dish one out, but the weird thing is her jokes are so subtle you don’t normally get them till hours later. Tierannai works very hard, she might think she’s actually sucking wind at the workout, but in fact she is doing great. Throughout the twelve weeks we could see her strength gains, while she kept shedding fat. She’s too modest to admit it but she was really starting to become an athlete. All of her muscles were starting to make an appearance and her waist line started to tighten up.

I feel it is time to come clean, at her shoot, I did have certain objectives I wasn’t going to let go unfulfilled. The first one being Tierannai in a bikini, check. The second a fitness shot that showed off her stomach, check. So you might say it was a very successful photoshoot for me, mostly in part to Tierannai’s hard work leading up to that day. Some might think being called “Creepy Uncle Jay” as a bad thing, but truth be told I can live with that nickname because it meant I get to be apart of this amazing young lady’s life. We’re very grateful she’s sticking around, she is a great testament to hard work. Congrats T!