Hard Work Generates Results

Nahannai and I go way back almost 14 years. I have always known her to be a straight shooter, who has a tremendous amount of love to give. Nahannai is a fun one to have in the gym, if you’re lucky you can usually catch her sarcastic remarks over the music. I know sometimes she makes it tough for our staff not to bust out in a great big fit of laughter. Somehow she manages to be a no nonsense, with plenty of nonsense type of person. I don’t know how she manages this but she does it quite well. Push-Ups to Pinups wasn’t Nahannai’s first time with us, infact she was with us many years ago, when we were located in Charleswood. Nahannai had great success with her previous goal so we knew she would do well with this.

Nahannai came in full pull for her first Push-Ups to Pinups. Motivated by her daughter doing the program along side her, Nahannai jumped right in, and pushed hard from start to finish. The only time I ever saw her show a little bit of weakness was when she would let out a little yelp when we were doing her skinfold testing. This is actually the only time doing measurements that I have been scared for my life. Besides the bi-weekly testing Nahannai never complained, she did negotiate but never complained.

Like I said Nahannai is a very caring person and this natural kindness came in handy during the shoot, she was shooting with two other ladies, one being her daughter. She encouraged everyone at the shoot, often pushing people out of their comfort zone, this little push helped get some great pictures. Nahannai wasn’t any stranger to great pictures, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get her to let out her amazing laugh on camera. I tried my hardest but she was always able to keep it together, maybe I’m not as funny as I thought. I can tell you that everyone at the gym is grateful for her encouragement and very proud of her… great job Nahannai!