Hard Work Generates Results

Where to start with this lovely lady? Of the many great qualities of Bonnie I would have to say my favourite is her relentless smile and the bubbly personality that goes along with is. I’m sure there were times she came in where she was in a bad mood but you’d never know it. Armed with this lust for live Bonnie went ahead with Push-Ups to Pinups full steam.

For Bonnie 12-weeks of Push-Ups to Pinups wasn’t about drastic weight loss, it was about firming up and loving her body again. Now you probably can’t tell but the jeans in her pictures may have had some dust on them, having sat in her closet for many years. On top of the changes in her figure we also saw a change in her perceived strength. She never thought she was strong enough to do an exercise, but when faced with it, would get through it with minimal drama.

We have gotten to know Bonnie very well during her time here with us, and it was no surprise that her fun, energetic self was a great deal of fun during her shoot. Fueled by the high of fitting her decade old jeans, Bonnie got some great photos filled with authentic smiles. I know I had a ton of fun at her shoot, she is an all around wonderful person! Great job Bonnie we’re all very proud of you.