Hard Work Generates Results

A shoulder press is a very simple movement, once you get the basic movement figured out you can really start to get creative. But let’s build a foundation and move forward from there. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells on your shoulders and palms facing forward. While keeping your core engaged and tight raise the dumbbells over your head. And lower them back down to your shoulders. Be sure to breath out as you push the dumbbells up. And breath in on their return to your shoulders.
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OK you got the standard shoulder press figured out, lets try something a little more challenging. Arnold Press, named after that big Austrian, this is a great exercise to get shoulders and muscles on the back. Similar to the basic shoulder press, but with a little twist, literally. Instead of having the dumbbells on your shoulders facing forward, have the dumbbells face your face, and your elbows pointed straight ahead. Rotate your arms so that your elbows are now pointed to the side and palms are forward. From here it’s just like the shoulder press, when you return the dumbbells to your shoulders rotate them back to the starting position.
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The last two movements can be done with this little twist. Instead of putting both dumbbells up at the same time, press one at a time. Be sure to have the dumbbell back at the starting position before going to the next side.
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Let’s add some more muscles into the mix, start in your standard shoulder press. From this position you’re going to do a standard squat followed by a shoulder press. A simple way to make a basic exercise a bit more challenging.
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Remember that Bosu squat we did a few weeks back, let’s take those skills and use them with our shoulder press. Stand on the Bosu ball, you can actually do any of our shoulder exercises we’ve just gone over. Be sure to comfortable on a Bosu ball before tackling these… putting weights over your head can be dangerous so be sure to be mindful of your limits.
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