Hard Work Generates Results

Body Weight Seated Twist

Let’s start with a nice easy one for our seated twist. Sit on your bum, have your legs out, you can start with your heels on the ground but we will work to have them off the ground once your balance gets ironed out. Grasp your hands together infront of you, twist your whole torso, not just your arms, around and back to the other side. It is important to keep everything under control, no need to rush through this one just yet.
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Weighted Twist

We’re going to make this a bit more challenging, same as before but this time instead of grasping your hands together grab something that has a bit of weight to it, start light and you can work yourself up to the big stuff later.
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Bosu Seated Twist

You can do this one either with weight or just using your grasped hands. Sit on the round part of a BOSU ball, Find the sweet spot where you can balance just sitting on your bum. Now do the seated twist you’ve become so accustomed to.
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Alternating Toe Touch

We’re going to get away from the seated twist here and work similar muscles just in a different way. Lay down flat with your arms above your head and legs straight out. Leading with your left hand raise your shoulders off the ground while lifting your right leg straight up, meet in the middle and touch your toe, return to start and repeat for the other side.
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Iron Cross

Let’s keep on keeping on… we’re going to start this one similar to the Alternating Toe Touch but have a light weight in your hands. You’re going to bring both legs straight up while bringing the dumbbell to your side, return to start and repeat.
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