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Movement Monday | Running

Movement Monday

Seems pretty self explanatory right? Most people just intrinsically know how to run, But we have some variations here to throw into the mix to keep it fresh.

Incline Sprint

We live in the prairies, in Winnipeg our tallest point in the city is literally a mound of garbage (affectionately referred to as “Garbage Hill”). You don’t necessarily need a hill made of garbage (but it wouldn’t hurt), just grab a treadmill and bump up the incline. When running on an incline try not to lean too far forward, but try to keep your body upright relative to the rest of your body as if you were running on a flat surface.
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Back Peddle

Here is one of the funnest things you can do on a treadmill, besides reenacting a Jamiroquai music video. Start with a slow speed, start by walking forward, in one quick motion turn yourself 180 degrees. Try to stay on the balls of your feet, and reach back with your strides, a lot of people do a little shuffle step, don’t be afraid to have long strides when backpedaling.
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Side Shuffle

Building on our Virtual Insanity skills we’re going to take our treadmill work sideways. Same idea as backpedaling, but this time instead of turning all the way around just turn a quarter of the way. Be sure not to cross your feet over, keep your body low and don’t be afraid to have a little jump in your step. Runners are great at going forward, but you will find this scuttling movement to be very challenging.
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Box Striders

Let’s work on those hip flexors, grab a short box (around 6 inches) stand in front of it, place one set of your toes on the box with a little hop switch your feet over. Go back and forth.