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Self-esteem; a response from a recent Pinup

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Pushups to Pinups

Last night before bed this little post was in my inbox, it was written by Nicky one of our recent Push-Ups to Pinups. Thank you for sharing!

Self-esteem. Not one that all considers in everyday life. What does it mean to you? To I? How to acknowledge and distinguish between self satisfaction and society’s views of beautiful, health and worth. I came to this program, to this gym just for that. To help my self esteem. Fitness? That’s only part of it.

I joined Aspire Fitness and their team in April 2014 for the program Push Ups to Pin Ups. I met Jason, owner of Aspire, through a friend of mine. I remember my first time going there and getting measured. He asked me at the end of it, why do I want to do this? Why did I want to do this? I asked myself this question many of times before I even stepped foot in there. Simply to look fit? No. I remember telling him to feel better, perhaps build a self esteem and gain new techniques. It was just that. I did want to feel better. I needed to re-build something I don’t really think was all that strong in the first place. Self-esteem, self-worth. I have been through a whirlwind of experiences in the last 5 years, and though I have come out strong, a lot was damaged in the process. I am one to keep busy and deny certain issues that on the outside were not completely blind to others anymore. I have body dysmorphia.  That happened somewhere along the way in this crazy world we live in. Many girls face these similar issues every day. I thought to myself, is this one of those programs that’s all about diet and appearance? What if it doesn’t help me? What if I don’t look any different. I realized it was my perceptions and cognitions that were flawed. I took the amazing opportunity and am so grateful for it.

I was wrong. I trained with the Aspire team, Jason, Jeff and Jenn for 3 months during this program. Everyday going in there (with not the happiest face at 7 am) and pushing, and slacking, but being reminded when slacking to push harder. Although my body did change for the better, my thoughts changed as well. I started actually liking what I saw, something that I haven’t done since I can remember. I started pushing myself and having those three voices in my head to push harder. I stopped obsessing about image, I stopped stopping things in my life due to feeling discouraged and starting facing challenges head on. Rather than seeing my future and goals as an “if I” Aspire fitness changed them to a “when I”.  This program would benefit every person because of the amazing team they have there. Them being there at 5am every morning and hearing I can only image the worst complaints and so much self doubt, and continuing to smile everyday and encouraging others the way that they do. Changing others for the better.

I guess what I am trying to say, besides the fact that I changed a lot of what needed to be changed through these people, this program, this team, is that I owe a huge thanks to all three of the individuals running the show. I’m sure I speak for others when I say thanks so much for everything, but especially the patients in what you all do for people and for being amazing outstanding individuals. The funniest and most encouraging people. It takes a lot to do what you guys do. I am so grateful for being a part of this team. So let’s screw society and their ignorant opinions and look at this as a new perception to a happier you!