Hard Work Generates Results

We have been fortunate enough to know Taylor for a few years now. We got to know her through our work with her high school basketball team. After that month long training she decided to stick around for CustomFIT. After many months of that and showing some awesome progress she asked if she could take on the challenge of Push-Ups to Pinups. There was no doubt that she would do well in the program, and with that she started!

For those who have had the pleasure of meeting Taylor will be able to tell you that she is a very warm welcoming person who works hard with a quiet demeanor. Even during the hardest workout she would force out a smile and maybe that little laugh of hers. It was this natural charm that had everyone around her rooting for her to do well in this program. I remember the next day after her shoot everybody in the gym was asking how Taylor did. The answer was easy… “Awesome”. Taylor is someone who leads by example, even though I don’t think she realizes it a lot of people look up to her for inspiration even those who are many years her senior.

Tay’s shoot was fantastic… we had the opportunity to get pictures of her and her friends in their grad gowns. We even at one point stopped traffic with these three lovely ladies. Taylor brought her own special flare to the shoot, but in reality she could have worn a brown paper bag and still looked great as long as she was wearing her ear to ear smile. We have been fortunate enough to watch Taylor grow up into an outstanding adult. We are looking forward to working with Taylor in the future, she will always be a staple here at Aspire. Her hard work will continue to inspire those around her and her smile will continue to bring a little joy into everyone’s day.

Well done Tay super proud of you.


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