Hard Work Generates Results

I can’t think of anyone who is more genuinely happy and energetic as Sherrie. She seemed to enter every workout with a giant smile, she might try to tell you that she struggled with it, but her smile never gave it away. When we first looked at doing this episode on a Pinup, Sherrie was at the top of our list, fingers crossed she would say yes! Phew she did.Now having a camera follow you around while you workout would make most people crazy, I know I started to show frustration by the end. But Sherrie always had that larger than life smile on. During her 12-weeks with us she would complain about certain things, usually balancing work, family and her workouts. Nobody really took her seriously, it’s hard to feel sympathetic for someone who is always smiling. I know Sherrie struggled with the meal plan the last week, it is not easy, but as you can see in the video it couldn’t have been that bad. Again if you’re trying to act grumpy or upset don’t smile so much.

The day of her shoot was fantastic, surrounded by her partners in crime, Sherrie seemed right at home. Some people you have to coax a smile out of… not this day. I have also never seen anybody so excited about having abs. Even before the shoot, if there was an excuse to show her abs she would jump on it. All kidding aside Sherrie has every right to show off her hard work. She attacked every workout like it owed her money. Her hard work for 12 solid weeks is amazing. Almost as amazing as her ability to always smile. Great job Sherrie! Your Aspire family is very proud of you… can’t wait to do it all over again.


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