Hard Work Generates Results

Karen is the type of client Push-Ups to Pinups is made for, a mother who had fallen into that roll. Now don’t get me wrong being a mother is a full time job, and while working full-time it is easy to let yourself fall to the bottom of the totem poll. Karen took the challenge of Push-Ups to Pinups to feel good about herself again. Karen is one of those people you just can’t help but like, she is humble and some might say overly polite.

There was a workout where we had Karen doing a lat pulldown, I remember looking at her back and thinking wow… that’s a good looking back. Karen is a very strong chick, I think she surprised herself with this, but it is true. Karen was not shy about grabbing big weights. This drive to lift heavier lead to some amazing gains. Her 12-weeks here lead to almost 10lbs of lean body mass and 19lbs of fat loss! I know Karen would be humble about how awesome that is… but trust me it is amazing!

Now anybody who has been to a photo shoot with me knows that I like a challenge… if you come into the shoot saying “I brought a dress, but I don’t know” for me that means we’re not leaving until we have that picture! Guess who’s blue dress wasn’t even supposed to be in the shoot? Now I know she wasn’t my biggest fan when I bullied her into it… but I would say that the photo evidence we now have says that she can rock a tight a dress. Karen went out of her comfort zone for her shoot… I’m glad she did. If she had stayed in that awful zone we wouldn’t have known that she can in fact own a room with her dresses, and that her shoulders look awesome in a halter top. Job well done Karen… can’t wait to hang your picture on the wall of fame!


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