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Movement Mondays | Squats

Movement Monday

Wall Ball Squat


Let’s start with a nice easy one here. Start with an exercise ball behind your back against a wall. The ball should be above your hips, place your feet in front of you, with your toes straight ahead and feet shoulder width apart. From this position lower your body until you have 90 degrees at your hips and knees. If your knees are at 90 degrees before your hips, you can move your feet forward until you have the correct position. From this lower position “drive” yourself back up by pushing through your heels.

Standard Squat Dumbbell


Building on the wall ball squat, we’re going to add some weight. Have two dumbbells in your hands hanging down by your side. With the same foot position as the wall ball squat, feet shoulder width and toes ahead. Push your hips back and down, Your goal here again is to achieve 90 degrees between both hips and knees. Through out this movement keep your chest out and back flat. From the lower position push through your heels and raise your body back to the starting position.

Bosu Squat


Time to shifts gears and work on balance. While standing on a BOSU Ball (round side up to start and progress into flat side up) have your feet shoulder width and toes straight ahead, see a theme yet? From this squat position lower your hips down to the two 90 degrees from the previous exercises. You may find that your legs start shaking, this is normal and should correct itself within a few sets. The BOSU squat is similar to most squats, just has the added challenge of stability.

One Legged Squat


Going to throw your world upside down here. We’re going to do a one legged squat, same idea as the past squats but one legged. Choose a leg to start with, have your unloaded leg forward. Now on one leg lower your body to 90 degrees at both hips and knees. You will notice you probably rotate your hips to one side, try to keep your hips level for the entire movement.

One Legged Bosu Sissy Squat


We’re going to combine the last two exercises here. Choose the round side of the BOSU ball to start (progress to the flat side), choose a starting leg, find a point on the ball you can balance yourself. Find yourself a TRX to hold onto, you will lean back slightly and lower your body down towards the floor. This won’t be easy.

Sumo Squat


We’re going to play around with foot position here, instead of having your feet shoulder width apart, this time we’re going to put them outside your shoulders and have your toes pointed out. From this “Sumo” position, you’re going to lower your hips towards the ground, be sure when doing this your knees travel over your ankles (not to the sides of them) and that when you have 90 degrees at your hips you also have 90 degrees at your knees. You can make this one harder by adding a dumbbell into the mix.

In/Out Jump Squat


Let’s get some air under those feet. From our standard squat position (Dumbbell squat, without the dumbbells) lower yourself towards the ground and explosively push up so that you’re airborne, now land in a sumo squat position, lower yourself, explode up and land in a normal squat. Repeat this “In-Out” pattern.

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