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Standard plank


You can start this plank either from your toes or your knees depending on where your fitness level is at. Let’s assume you’re going from your knees, with your knees on the ground and your hands under your shoulders lift your body off the ground. You’re trying to maintain a nice straight line between your shoulders, hips and knees. If you’re ready to jump up to the next progression, you can attempt to try this move from your toes. Same idea just this time you’re looking to have a straight line between your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. You might find that your hips “sag” besure to keep your hips up to avoid this sagging. If you find your hips are too high be sure to lower them to maintain that line from shoulders to ankles.

Alternating plank


Starting either from your knees or your toes, you’re going to raise your right arm up off the ground to parallel to the ground while raising your left leg to parallel. You will find that your hips want to twist, be sure you can do this exercise without your hips twisting before moving on to the next progression.

Up/down planks


It’s worth having some type of padding on your elbows, this one can leave a mark. Start from your toes or knees with your hands under your shoulders. Now pick one hand up and lower your forearm down to the ground, repeat for the other side. From this forearm plank you’re going to pick one arm up and place it on the ground pushing yourself up, repeat for the other side. Be sure you can maintain a straight line between your shoulders and ankles before moving onto the next one.

BOSU Medicine Ball Plank


Here’s a fun one, it’s worth trying on your own before showing off your new talent to the world. You should be able to hold a plank from your toes for a minute before attempting this one.Start with a BOSU ball with your feet on the flat side of the ball. Now place your hands on a medicine ball. Hold this position, be sure your hips don’t sag.

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