Hard Work Generates Results

If you want an example of somebody who works hard and never complains, Kelli is your girl. Lets rewind way before Push-Ups to Pinups. Based solely on a friendly bet with a friend Kelli and him set out to do 10,000 burpies. I don’t want to call anybody out but I’m pretty sure Kelli won by a landslide. Seeking her next challenge Push-Ups to Pinups was on her radar.

Kelli is a hard worker and we had no doubt she would tackle this challenge with the gusto she has shown before. And wow did she ever. Kelli always reaches for those heavy weights and always goes for that extra rep. It is not a surprise that she excelled throughout the whole program. It’s great when you see somebody lose body fat, while still increasing their strength. It started to become very clear that Kelli was very fit and had the body to prove it.

Since Kelli had that fitness body we wanted to choose shots that would showcase it, it didn’t take much to show her off. Even just standing around between shots Kelli just looked awesome and fit. Being in front of camera isn’t a very comfortable thing for most people, Kelli was no exception. This was a first for her but she took it in stride and did very well. During the shoot she caught a glimpse of herself in a picture, and I do believe her reaction was “Oh wow… hehehe… wow…. hehehehe… that’s so neat”. Great job Kel… super proud of you! Can’t wait to see what your next challenge is.



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