Hard Work Generates Results

Big shout out to all the Saskatooners who were at the Dirty Donkey this weekend! Slap some ice on the bruises and fire some band-aids on the cuts, because we need to keep on pushing. This week’s challenge is really going to test your anaerobic system, be prepared to have dry mouth with this workout.
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The Workouts

1.1 | Fight Gone Bad – 4 x 5 Minutes
1.2 | One Arm Swiss Chest press – 4 x 10 Reps
1.3 | High Plank One Arm Bent Over Row – 4 x 15 Reps
1.4 | One Arm One Leg Pushpress – 4 x 15 Reps


Fight Gone Bad | This exercise is timed you will go for 5 minutes (unless otherwise noted) with one minute of rest for the prescribed amount of sets. There are three exercises to be performed repeatedly. You will start with 5 push-ups followed by 5 mat hops and finishing with 1 burpie. Repeat these until the 5 minutes has run to an end.
One Arm Swiss Chest press | While laying on a swiss ball with one dumbbell in hand. Have the dumbbell start at your armpit and push it straight up. Be sure to keep your hips up, it’s common to have your hips drop down as you do the set.
High Plank One Arm Bent Over Row | With one dumbbell in hand have one hand on the ground in a pushup position from your toes. Keeping your core tight pull the dumbbell up to your ribs, and lower back to the ground.
One Arm One Leg Pushpress | With a dumbbell in hand, standing on one leg with the dumbbell at your shoulder. Squat down as low as you can, and explode up pushing the dumbbell above your head. Be sure to keep your balance. Once the dumbbell is above your head lower it back down to your shoulder and repeat.