Hard Work Generates Results

Let’s start wrapping our head around the run a bit, do a lot and run some more style of Dirty Donkey. Giv’r for 100m then a hard series of exercises. Do this as hard as you safely can! Enjoy…
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The Workouts

  • 1.1 | Run – 5 x 100 Meter
  • 1.2 | One legged squat – 5 x 15 Reps
  • 1.3 | Broad Jump With Vertical Jump – 5 x 8 Reps
  • 1.4 | Skaters – 5 x 25 Reps
  • 1.5 | Mat Hops – 5 x 25 Reps


Run | Standard Run, pace self set.
One legged squat | Standing on one leg with the other infront, lower your body towards the ground, trying to get as low as you can. Push yourself back up to the starting position. Trying not to let your non-support leg touch.
Broad Jump With Vertical Jump | With your feet shoulder width apart sit down to about 90 degrees at the knees now explode forward by pushing your hips through. Once you land jump as high as you can. The goal is to have as little time as possible on the ground.
Skaters | While standing on one leg, push off laterally as far as you can while “catching” yourself with the other foot, and push back with that other foot to return to the starting position.
Mat Hops | with your hands on a mat and both feet on the other side of the mat forcefully push yourself over the mat so your feet are now on the other side. Be sure to keep your feet together and to keep your hands planted in the push-up position.