Hard Work Generates Results

Kristen has been a client for sometime now and since her start we have seen a big change in her. She has become more confident, stronger and has “shrunk”. When she had mentioned she was interested in doing the Push-ups to Pinups program I was stoked, it would give us an opportunity to show off Kristen’s hard work. Little did I know we would have so much to show off.

I know the first couple of weeks for Kristen were a struggle, especially in regards to her meal plan. I know this because her co-workers complained to me. With some tweaking of the meal plan it was finally dialed in and her workouts and progress really took off. As the weeks progressed we could start to see her hard work paying off, her shoulders started to show, her waist tighten and bum sat higher. When Kristen would approach a workout she would go at it full pull, no letting up. Even with this no nonsense attitude to her workouts she would still find the energy to laugh. Now Kristen’s laugh deserves it’s own write up, it has been described as Baloo the bear-esk. Her laugh can fill a room with a jungle book like roar. I poke fun at her laugh but it’s because I have heard it so many times, yes I do tell funny jokes but it is probably more due to the fact that Kristen has been very active with our Adventure Race Team. She traveled to both Phoenix and Omaha with us to participate in some adventure races, and it’s hard not to laugh when covered in mud. No matter how mud covered she was you’d hear her laugh, almost like a beacon sailors could use to navigate a dark and stormy sea.

Her shoot was so much fun, Kristen brought almost every aspect of her life into the shoot. Only thing missing was a pierogi making scene. She was able to capture both her feminine side and her kick-ass side. She was much more comfortable in front of the camera than she had let on. The way she had built herself up I was expecting to her to clam up as soon as a camera was pointed at her. Turns out not the case at all. She would always find a way to nail that intense look or let loose and show that fun flirty side.

Congrats on being awesome and double congrats on continuing to challenge yourself with new obstacles. The next big challenge for Kristen will be at 13,500 feet at Machu Picchu with us next year!

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