Hard Work Generates Results

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There are a lot of different ways I could write this, I could riddle it with inside jokes (but wouldn’t be fun unless it was a Thursday – inside joke #1). I could talk about how Julie struggled with injuries, but nobody wants to hear about the cripple crew (inside joke #2). Another direction that this could go would be talk about multi-sport athletes, and how Julie still plays hockey, has raced with our adventure race team, done triathlons and now a photo shoot. I could also reference our mutual love for the greatest place on earth (inside joke #3).

Considering that in one paragraph I was able to spit out 3 inside jokes, it’s safe to say that Julie has been around Aspire for sometime and has been a familiar sight for many clients. Julie would always give new clients a little push when they needed it, or long time clients a little blast of sarcasm to help get them through a tough workout. Even while working hard and pushing herself she would find the energy to cheer someone else on. In all her time with us Jules has always been that smart ass who would chirp up but could be the words of encouragement when someone needs them.

The 12-week program brought on some bigger muscles and a leaner body for Julie, it also brought about girly things (inside joke #4). I really enjoyed her shoot, it’s fun to watch someone who doesn’t take themselves too serious but works hard. And that balance of sarcasm and dedication made for a great day. Jules isn’t the type of person who spends much time in front of a camera lens, but she took it on like a champ. We’re all very proud of Jules for taking on another challenge and going full pull. Well done, looks like you’ve gotten yourself on the wall of fame once again. Three and counting!


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