Hard Work Generates Results

Week two? Wow that first week went by so quickly. Give this week two challenge a go, don’t worry you will feel your legs and calves burning, that’s just to get you ready for some hills… or is it? Be safe and give yourself a good warm-up before doing this workout. Have fun!
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The Workouts

1.1 | Skipping – 4 x 60 Seconds
1.2 | Calf Raises – 4 x 15 Reps
1.3 | Seated Twist – 4 x 25 Reps
1.4 | Jumping Jacks – 4 x 60 Seconds
1.5 | One Legged Balance – 4 x 30 Seconds
1.6 | Alternating toe touch – 4 x 15 Reps
1.7 | Box Striders – 4 x 60 Seconds
1.8 | Two Foot Hops Front/Back – 4 x 30 Seconds
1.9 | Two Foot Hops Left/Right – 4 x 30 Seconds


Skipping | Standard skipping with rope.
Calf Raises | Standing with your feet hip width apart you are going to lift your body weight by essentially rolling on to your “tipi toes” and back down again. This can be done with weights and can also be done on stairs or a small box.
Seated Twist | While sitting on your butt, lean back as to lift your feet off the ground, you should now be balancing on your bum. Keep you core strong throughout the entire movement, with a weight (or clinch your hands together) in front of you and arms straight twist your torso so the weight comes and touches the ground and repeat for the other side.
Jumping Jacks | Standard Jumping Jack
One Legged Balance | While standing on one leg, keep your balance. To make this exercise harder you can lift your unsupported leg up to 90 degrees. Once this becomes to easy close your eyes. Be sure to put yourself in a safe position without anything that you could fall on.
Alternating toe touch | Laying on your back with arms stretched out, raise your right leg straight up while reaching with your left towards your foot. You should be able to touch your toes. Return to start and repeat for the other side. Be sure to lift your shoulders off the ground while reaching for your toes.
Box Striders | With a short box (about 6”) place one foot on the box with the other on the ground. Jump up and switch the position of your feet. Be sure not to just toe tap but to have your foot touch the top of the box.
Two Foot Hops Front/Back | With your feet together jump forward and backwards over an imaginary line. Be sure to keep your weight on your toes.
Two Foot Hops Left/Right | With your feet together jump from Left to Right over an imaginary line. Be sure to keep your weight on your toes.