Hard Work Generates Results

How do I tell the story of Tricia? For the first 7 weeks I knew her as the quiet one at 5:30am, then we had our meet and greet. I remember thinking to myself this girl cleans up pretty nice, and she actually talks and smiles. Turns out like most of us she’s not a morning person. Morning person or not Tricia pushed hard in all her workouts, even well still training for all her marathons that she’s doing this year. Oh and I almost forgot… also a mother! So obviously time management was key, maybe that’s where the 5:30am workouts came in.

Tricia came into the program looking to fit her wedding dress again for her 10 year wedding anniversary. Her hard work paid off, at about the halfway mark she hit that goal! So with her goal in hand we kept on working hard to see what else she could accomplish. Even if it wasn’t a formal goal like fit into a pair of skinny jeans she accomplished a lot during the program, I would say the biggest accomplishment would be her strength. She became a very strong and fit person. She was always fit but now had the strength to go with it. This being strong thing is cool but just as cool is the 26 lbs of body fat she lost during the 12-weeks! Amazing!

Judging solely on her sneaky smirk in all the photos I would have to say Tricia had a great time at the photo shoot. I would also say she did awesome, I feel like she had sold herself as awkward just to psych me out. In fact she was very comfortable in front of the camera and just rocked it! Needless to say we are super stoked to have had Tricia in here, and now that I know she’s actually not a quiet lady she’s just sleepy at 5:30am I like her that much more!


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