Hard Work Generates Results

I have to admit when I first met Robyn she didn’t really jump out at me, she was just one of those people who wasn’t too flashy or loud at the gym, just put her head down and worked hard. It was her silence that started to get my attention, it wasn’t her being anti-social, it was just her doing what she had to do and moving on. She required small pushes from us from time to time but for the most part she just went hard all the time. She wasn’t afraid to grab a heavier weight or to push just a little bit harder.

It’s a funny thing, throughout this program we meet a lot of different people, some we immediately adore some take a bit of work. Robyn was somebody that grew on us, and I mean this in a very positive way. She really started to stand out when we started to notice that she just doesn’t give up, it was truly awesome to watch her work. Not as awesome as the small smirk she would flash when we’d go over her measurements every two weeks. She earned our respect by being the person that all we had to do is sit back and watch in utter amazement.

As we creeped up to the shoot Robyn got a little more talkative, between sets at least. It was at this point we started to see her dedication isn’t limited to the gym, she puts the same passion into her work and it seems like everything else she does in her life. It was also at this point it was brought to my attention that she too is an Aries, and with that comes the bullheadedness that I myself have. This worked well in her favour she had her shoot planned out to the outfit, and all we had to do is make sure we didn’t get in her way, just let her do her thing and we’d all be safe.

Her shoot I believe was the first time we actually saw Robyn relax a little, it turns out she’s actually a very pleasant person to be around. A far cry from what I originally thought. Now to make sure we’re all clear, Robyn was a very early in the morning type of gal, a time in the day that borders on insanity. So nobody is expected to be a big ball of cheer and fun. I guess her silence in the gym wasn’t all dedication and tenacity, there may have been some fatigue in there as well. Needless to say everyone here thoroughly enjoyed working with Robyn and we have rather large sense of pride when we see her pictures.

Way to rock it Aries style!


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