Hard Work Generates Results

You know when you meet someone and you just instantly like them? Robyn was like that for us, she’s just so friendly and such a mild mannered person it’s hard not to adore her. We found out that being mild mannered doesn’t mean you don’t work hard, Robyn came at each workout like you’d expect any good country girl to do. There was one major hurdle we encountered with Robyn right off the get-go. She would wear these stupid socks, there were intended for a middle aged man to wear but she would bunch them up down by her ankles. It was an unfortunate problem, but something that was solved many weeks into the program.

Even with the hinderance of over-sized footwear Robyn showed great progress, as we creeped through the program. We could see shoulder muscles poking out, legs getting firmer and abs showing through. It was always funny cause you’d see a little smirk on her face when you’d point something like that out. Just because you’re humble doesn’t mean you can’t be proud.

I don’t think being in-front of a camera is the most comfortable thing for Robyn but comfortable or not she did great. That sneaky smirk shifted into a beautiful smile and even when she wasn’t smiling there still seemed to be a hint of her smile hiding behind her serious face. It was truly fantastic to see a humble country girl showing off her hard work, between each flex, pose and smile you could tell that for her the 12-weeks was a positive experience. Well done Robyn you did awesome and I’m glad you finally bought some new socks!


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