Hard Work Generates Results

Whenever Renee’s name comes up I can’t help but think “sweetheart” she is such a soft spoken beautiful lady. Always smiling and just a pleasure to work with. It is sometimes easy to lose track of the fact that she is such a hard worker. Some hard workers are vocal at the gym, Renee is quiet but strong. During the 12-weeks of Push-Ups to Pinups she wouldn’t make a big deal of lifting heavier weights, just quietly add more. And if you made note of it and told her how awesome it was that she was lifting heavier she would just flash that awesome smile.

Renee has a natural beauty to her, she’s always had awesome curves, luckily after losing 24 lbs of body fat she still had all the curves where they were supposed to be. She did great with the program, never missing a beat and just going for it. She was a great deal of fun to watch progress through the program, because whenever you would fire a compliment her way, you would be rewarded with that smile of hers. The great thing about working with someone like Renee is that all you have to do is say do this… and it will get done. And it will be done right. We knew she was motivated and only need a slight push and some direction to get to her goals.

Due to a mistake on my part, I showed up late to her shoot but I remember walking in and just being blown away. Here’s this girl I always knew was beautiful, but now she was dressed the part. I had told her during the program that I thought she had a wicked bathing suit body hiding under her gym clothes… guess who was right? Well done Renee, can’t wait to hang your picture on the wall and show off to everyone just what hard work can do.


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