Hard Work Generates Results

Nicole was a great deal of fun to work with, she is sarcastic and can take a joke. She is however pretty quiet, and it took a little bit of work to get her out of her shell, not just at the shoot but leading up to it. She was a quiet one in the gym, but she started to talk a bit more. It turns out that once you start chatting you make friends, and her new-found gym friends started to take an interest in Nicole and cheered her on.

She had been with us before the program start so we knew she could work hard and wasn’t scared to push herself. So it was no surprise when she jumped on the Push-Ups to Pinups bandwagon quickly. As with all the P2P gals it was a great deal of fun to watch her body lean out and develop muscle definition.

I remember a couple of weeks before her shoot people in the gym were asking Nicole what she had planned for her shoot. Everyone was trying to push her to go outside her comfort zone, but she didn’t seem to be budging. That’s not a big deal but I went into her shoot expecting some casual fitness shots and maybe some formal wear.

We may have started with casual and formal, but I was shocked when we strayed from casual. Nicole not only sports an awesome personality but also rocks a great athletic body. And a bonus, she knows how to smile! She did very well during her time here and it was truly awesome to watch her show off as a confident athletic women. Well done Nicole way to rock it and push the comfort zone!

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