Hard Work Generates Results

Easily one of my favourite Germans, Joanne is one of those sincere people who you just instantly like. It didn’t hurt her case when she would bring us Paleo cookies. Oh yea Joanne is also an amazing cook, infact she adopted this love for cooking into her program. The first time we met she was asking me about recipes and how she could make them paleo. Finding recipes you enjoy is one of our first suggestions we have for starting a Paleo meal plan, Joanne had beaten me to it.

Joanne is a unique combination of humble and focused, she came into every workout looking to conquer it but did it quietly. She was always there to support those around her, but would get bashful when we would throw a compliment at her. Which of course made us want to do it more.

During her 12-weeks with us she lost 11.5 pounds of fat, and over 5 inches combined between her hips and waist. Now I know the question that she will ask me is “Is that good?” but she would do it in her quiet humble way. So let me tell you via this public forum, you did awesome!

Her shoot just reaffirmed why I have the best job ever, when you get to see a mother of three strut around with confidence in any outfit she puts on, it makes all the frustrating days of my job disappear. Joanne is one of those people you just naturally root for so it was a fantastic feeling when our pride for her lined up with her sense of accomplishment.

Well done Jo, can’t wait to see your photo on our wall of fame.


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