Hard Work Generates Results

It’s not uncommon for those doing Push-Ups to Pinups to encounter obstacles, for Elisha it was scheduling. Still being in school and doing the program during midterms is a bold move, but Elisha took it on. To say that her only challenge was school work would be a misnomer, her experience in a gym before hand was very limited, but she was eager to learn.

Her first couple of weeks were a challenge for both her and us. Sometimes convincing people that lifting heavier weights doesn’t make you manly can be a real uphill battle. Elisha was hesitant to grab any weights over 8 lbs, we had a sneaky suspicion that she was stronger than that but just didn’t want to. After we turned that corner and she started to go for heavier weights we were rolling.

Elisha really started to show some muscle definition and really started to look fit and strong. It was great to be able to take this fit and strong to her photo shoot. We were able to do some shots with some weights (weights that by the end of the program she was using). Elisha was very comfortable in front of the camera and made her shoot a breeze. She didn’t need much coaching just a little direction and boom she was stunning.

Congrats on your accomplishment! We here are all very proud of you.


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